Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alumni Weekend

aahh, Henniker. I love this place! It's hard to believe I first arrived at NEC 14 years ago. This past weekend was my 10 year reunion. I was looking forward to going back and seeing friends I hadn't seen in awhile. It was my first time back in 4 years and it brought back so many memories as I drove into town.

Jill is now the head coach for the Women's lacrosse team so I headed to check out her office! When then headed over to the new alumni building to register for the weekend.

On Friday night NEC held the athletic hall of fame dinner. My teammate and good friend Jamie was getting inducted and it was great to be there for her. The Men's lacrosse team from 1999 & 2000 also got inducted and it was great to see many good friends from those days. It crazy how we've all changed in 10 years.
Amy, Jill, Jamie, Me, Kristie & Heather.... Women's Lacrosse Alum :)

Jill giving a speech to introduce Jamie into the Hall of Fame!

My old roommate Pat Lawson, gave the speech to accept the men's team award.

After the dinner, a bunch of us headed over to the pub. The pub was never that popular until my junior year when Dave & Drew started bar tending there. My senior year they started this wall where you could sign your name. It was neat to see it again and cool to see how how far the signatures extend now.
Smock and I signed our names together of course!

Bench from senior year that us senior girls signed. You can see my number 6 on the bottom left. It has hung in the pub for the last 10 years! Love seeing it when I go back. 

Enjoying some time in the pub with Jill holding Cowen, Melissa holding Camden, Mary(Brent's wife), & Nicole(Drew's wife).

With Drew, Mike & Brent.. these guys once turned EVERYTHING in Jill Smock and my dorm room upside down! 10 years later, we all now have little boys!

Jill convinced Ame and I to get our butts out of bed after 4 hours of sleep to run the alumni 5K race.
We decided around mile .2 that we would rather take pictures while running then keep up with the pack :)
At mile 1 we decided to take a left off course to grab a bagel and some tea before the alumni game!

Ollie & Ada came to cheer on Mom at the Alumni Lacrosse game on the new turf field! 
All the alums that played with the 2011 NEC Women's lax team
I had so much fun at the game.. I hadn't picked up a stick in about 8 years! Hanging with hall of famer Jamie!

After the game we headed to watch the guys alumni lax game but it started raining again so we only stayed for a few minutes. The rain was really putting a damper on things. After some time in Jill's office, some of us girls headed over to the BBQ in the tent.. how cute is Baldwin's son Callum?

We then headed back down to the turf field to watch the men's soccer game but it was really starting to pour. I had orginally planned to stay Friday and Saturday night but the weather was really not fun.We decided to call it a day and all headed home. It was great to see college friends and see how our lives have changed in 10 years. We almost all now are married and have kids.. we come a long way!

He was excited to show his Grim pride!!

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