Saturday, May 9, 2009

Farmington Visit - lots of pics!

Gus and I made a roadtrip to Farmington on Thursday when Nicole had to have an unexpected surgery! She will be fine but it makes you realize how important your family is and how much they mean to you!! Mom had gone the night before to help out so it was a full house! With two babies in the house we were quite busy! I also drove Nicole up to her classroom so she could write sub plans and I was happy to help her get the plans ready.

On Friday morning Mom drove Nic to the doctors and I stayed home with the babies.. Wow!! I never sat! While one slept, the other would eat and then they would switch! When they were both awake, I attempted a photo shoot, not so easy with a 11 week old and a 5 week old! I was very happy to see Mom and Nicole walk through the door!

We might make another trip up next week.

Gus meeting Zeque! He is use to Bela so the occasion sniff or lick from Mary Kate and Ashley (AKA Cooper & Zeque) didn't bother him at all.

Strong School, Strong ME

Nicole's classroom

5:30am Gwen and I found Troop Beverly Hills on TV... It was a favorite of her Mommy and Aunties when they were growing up!

This photo shoot was harder than I thought!

Gwen and Gus annoyed by the photo shoot!

They were just as happy as I was to see Nicole and Mom walk through the door!

What's a trip to Farmington without a drive by the Chuck Wagon!
(Inside joke between Nicole & I)

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