Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taking back my house...

Seriously.. I need to take back my house! Slowly over the last couple of weeks it has taken over me. Every night I make sure the kitchen is cleaned up so in my mind I have had control... then this morning I looked around the rest of the house... I need Merry Maids or something. Time to bring out my Martha Stewart Housekeeping book and organize my cleaning. Here is my new plan according to Martha!

* Make the bed
* Manage the clutter
* Sort the Mail
* Sweep the floor
* Clean while you cook

Here is my list for the rest of the house. Each night I will tackle a different room....

*Wipe surfaces, including sinks, countertops, fridge and cupboard doors
* Clean out fridge
*Sweep & mop floor
*Wipe out inside of microwave

* Throw out magazines & catalogs on side tables
* Dust all surfaces
* Vacum floor & sofa

* Clean toilet, shower, sinks
* Wipe mirrors
*Change towels & bath mats
* Sweep & mop floors
* Empty trash can

* Change bed sheets
* Dust surfaces
*Empty trash cans
*Vacum floors
* Throw out magazines & organize night stands

* Wipe hand & pet prints from windows & doors
* Vacum hallway
*Clean & fold laundry

Also, WTF is up with Time Warner... I have been having problems with my internet all week!! When I have time (haha not these next two days) I need to call them to trouble shoot my modem and then if they can't fix it, they will send a service technician out. I NEED MY INTERNET!! I AM ADDICTED! I have an online problem and can't live without blogging, the nest and facebook. I have been attempting this post for the last 20 minutes and have been kicked off three times!!

I will have to just do a weekly roundup on Friday.

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