Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I have taken control.....

.... of my house again!! I am on a roll! I have done major spring cleaning to our bedroom, Gus's room and the bathroom. Yesterday Pete and I cleaned the garage and basement! We have one side of the garage filled with a bunch of stuff we plan to try to sell in a yard sale next weekend.

Today we got mulch and did the front yard and after lunch will do the back yard. Pete is also setting up the pool today which is great since Thursday will be 82 degrees!!

Somebody's got to do the work, if I'm taking the pictures!

Gus enjoyed being outside, but wasn't much help!

..... Bela wasn't much help either!

On my list for the rest of the week.... spring clean the back room, living room and kitchen. If I can get those three rooms done, I will be happy! A roadtrip to Waterville tomorrow to visit Jenny and a enjoyable and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!

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