Monday, May 11, 2009

Ode to Moms!

Mother's Day... my first as an actual mother! I started off the day by not waking until after 7!! As my Mother's Day gift, all I wanted was a full night of sleep. So Saturday night I went to bed at 9 and didn't wake until the next morning. Thanks Pete! Gus and I then let Daddy get some rest and went to buy flowers for the Grandmother's and Great Grandmother's. We then started the day of visits!

First stop Memere's (Grammy Pammy's Mom) house. It was a full house when we got there. Gus got to meet Uncle Randy who was visiting from North Carolina and the Webster's were there,the Wood's stopped by for a quick visit along with Grammy Pammy, Putt Putt & Auntie Cyn......

Memere and her 1st great granchild

Gus likes spending time with Grammy Pammy!

After the visit at Memere's we then headed over the Gram and Papa Wescott's house where we saw lots of family and Gus met some more of his aunt's, uncle's and cousins....

Enjoying a drink with Grammie Wescott

After the Wescott's we got to go home for a brief rest(well Gus got to nap!) before going to our next stop. We dropped off Grammy Pammy's gift and then headed up to Windham to see Mame and Papa Rick......

Visiting Mame

The day was getting exhausting!

We ended our day with a visit from Nonni and Poppi at our house along with Auntie Jenny and Uncle Craig who got to stop by for a little while!

Wishing Nonni a Happy Mother's Day

We all survived the Tour de Mom's 2009 and was glad to part of the race this year! No better gift then the little man I am holding in my arms at this very moment!! Happy Mother's Day to every Mom out there!!

Needing a little man time after all those ladies, he ended the night in Daddy's arms

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