Monday, May 18, 2009

Ollie's Birthday Party

Today(this will post as Monday, but it is 1:00am so I feel like it is still Sunday) was Ollie's 1st birthday party! We hit the road around 9:00 this morning.
Bela was a little sad we were not taking her to NH...

The ride to NH was good, Gus slept the whole way and we got to Jill's about 20 minutes before the party started.
Ollie & Gus meet..

About 15 minutes later, other guests started to arrive. It was great to see everyone. I got to catch up on gossip with Anjela(Jill's sister) and Ali, Jamie & Amy. We even got to talk to Rachel in Wyoming through Skype!
Gus meets Ali.....

The Grotnes's had a great BBQ, the burgers were yummy, and since there were so many people that wanted to meet and hold Gus, Pete and I got to eat at the same time!
Getting in a little snuggle time with Jill....

Campbell(Ali's son) enjoying some food as well!

It was then cake time, Jill had a big cake for all the guests and then a small one just for Ollie to do whatever he wanted with it!
Jill stripped him down to get him ready for his cake...

Ollie enjoyed his cake!

One of the gifts we got Ollie.....

It was so great to see everyone and spend time catching up. I was sad to go back we had to get back to Maine. It ended up being quite the ride. It took us about three hours to get home due to a feed and change on the side of the road in Rochester,NH. It was after 6 when we walked in the door hit the coach, but we had a good day!
Enjoying Ollie's party

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