Friday, May 15, 2009

Week in Rewiew

What a busy week, and since my internet is a POS this week I am doing a recap of the week in one post! First thing on my list for next week is to deal with Time Warner since I don't have time today! Our little man is 6 weeks old today, and getting so big!! I am halfway through my maternity leave.
We had a busy day if you had really the post from Monday(Internet was working). Finished up the day with bathtime which he loves!
Sleep Pattern: asleep: 8, awake: 4:45

Enjoying a bath after a busy day!

Another roadtrip to Farmington. Nicole had a dr. appt in the afternoon, so I picked up Mom from work and we were on our way! She is on the mend and looked a lot better then when I had left on Friday. We stayed for a few hours and then headed back home. I was not going to attempt another cousin photo shoot so I got all of us!
Sleep Pattern: asleep: 9, awake: 4:15

Dropping Mom at her house at sunset, I had to take a picture!

My friend Dianna is watching the boys on Wednesdays while I am on leave and they made the trip up to Riverbank, so Gus and I went the the park to meet them. It was a beautiful day for the park!

Ethan at Riverbank Park

Isaac & Dylan showing me the inch worm they found

After the park I hit up Panera Bread, for a little internet time (Yes, I'm addicted) and then was home in time for a visit with the posse.. sorry the photo won't load, I promise to have a special post for you. We continued to enjoy the beautiful day by going to a softball game and then Gus and I were home for dinner when Pete came home at 6
Sleep Pattern: asleep: 8, awake: 12, asleep: 1:30, awake 3

Both boys in need of some sleep ( it was 8pm)

We started the morning visiting a friend of mine from high school who just had a baby girl. She is adorable! We are going to start walking on Thursday's for some exercise together! I went and picked up Ethan from pre-school for special lunch. We such a great time and he is excited for me to come back in a few weeks.
I got a girls night!! I went to Mara's at 6 for some pizza, salad and mocktails! It is funny how time changes conversation. We use to talk about so many things, and now our conversations are dominated by babies since I just had mine and they are both due a week apart in September... I can't wait for their girls to arrive, Gus will be a stud muffin hanging with those girls!
Sleep Pattern: asleep: 8:30, awake: 2, alseep: 2:45, awake: 5:15

Hot Mama's at girls night!

Today we have a busy day, dr. appt, car inspection, grocery shopping and the start of our weekend that includes a roadtrip to NH to celebrate Ollie's first birthday and the start of taking back my house!!

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