Sunday, May 10, 2009

T-Ball in Kennebunk

Ethan & I at his First T-Ball game

Saturday was a wonderful day spent with the Kahn's! Ethan had is very first T-Ball game at 10:00 so Gus and I drove to Kennebunk to watch. It was the cutest thing watching a group of 5 year olds play ball. Ethan loved every minute of it and Gus slept through the whole game! We went back to the house after for lunch and a visit and it was so great to spend time with the whole family. I miss the boys alot. They were so great with Gus, they wanted to feed him, burp him, hold him, play with him and were happy when he woke up! We(Ethan took a few) took lots of pictures and below are a few. When I go back to work, Gus will have great playmates!

Isaac very excited to hold baby Gus!

Ethan will be ready for his little sister!

Ethan took a turn at the camera and captured a cute moment!

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