Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weekend at The Siemen's Camp

Almost a month ago, yes I'm behind a bit, we went up and spent some time with Ben & Bethany at their camp. We always have such a great time when we go! Bethany and I even got in a shopping trip to Reny's! The weather was beautiful that weekend and we all got to relax, swim a lot and have fun :)
Self potriat to start off the weekend, haha!
Peter is ready to get down to the water!
Great pic of Mackenna & Bethany
Jack watching Peter swimming :)
Enjoying our time :)
All three kids together :)
Pete and Ben returning from fishing
We had a lot of fun in the lake and I was laughing looking at all the candids Bethany took while we were in the water, here are a few.....
Nice family photo!
After an afternoon of swimming, Pete, Ben & Bethany enjoyed some oysters! While I didn't try those, I did try some scallops!
Pete and Ben took Peter out for a sunset fishing ride :)
As always, a great weekend spent with friends :)

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