Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bigfoot Monster Truck

For those of you that have spent any time with us since know Peter's obsession love for monster trucks! A few weeks ago one of my daycare Dads knowing Peter's love for monster trucks mentioned that he thought one was coming to Sullivan Tire. I googled it and saw that it had been to the location in Biddeford two days before. I was so bummed, I knew Peter would have loved it! Then yesterday morning, I recieved a text from another daycare parent! The monster truck was back and at the location right here in Westbrook! Do my daycare parent know my kid or what! As soon as the last kid left today we headed over without telling Peter! I should have taken a video of him when we pulled in and he saw the monster truck!!
You can fit a kid in the tires!!

Checking out the drivers seat...

Jack can't get over how big this truck is, LOL!!
with driver JR Adams
A family who is into monster trucks :)

Thanks Sullivan Tire! You made a little boy very happy :)

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