Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday iPhoto Dump!

Have you missed us??!! We've been on vacation all week and I have made an big effort not to be on my phone or computer and just enjoy the time with Pete and the boys :) Here is our vacation week.....

1. Brotherly love at camp :)
2. Peter and Adam at camp...

3. Enjoying the hole I dug when we went to Scarborough Beach on Monday!
4. Tuesday we went to Funtown! I think Peter rode the Log Flume about 13 times!

5. Peter and Jack getting ready to fly the helicopter!
6. Planes!

7. Wednesday we stayed home and got some stuff done around the house. Jack relaxing :)
8. We went couch shopping and got a new couch for the new room!!

9. Pete has finished the floor and yesterday started painting the window trim.
10. Pete and I have been talking about painting the kitchen, we have never liked the bottom color since we painted it. Last night I decided to do something about it at 10pm! I primed it so that today I can go and buy new paint for the kitchen!


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