Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday iPhoto Dump!

Ahh, the Olympics! I LOVE the summer olympics! Every 4 years I get giddy watching all the swimming, diving, and track & field. This year, I've even gotten into beach volleyball! Our evenings this week have been spent in front of the television, I don't think we've changed the channel all week!
1. Oh, Ryan Lochte, how I love you :) I have enjoyed watching all the races. Gotta love Missy Franklin..and her parents! Swimming is my favorite event of course!
2. Jack enjoying dinner courtesy of all the food my Aunt Joanne sent me home with!

3. Ben & Bethany came over on a whim and Pete went and got lobsters & clams. They are so cheap right now, less then $3.00/pound! I thought the chicken was delicious, haha
4. Pete and 11 month old Mackenna!
5. Lola spent the night with us, we enjoyed watching the girls gymnastics that night with some popcorn! Peter loved having her here for a sleepover :)
6. Mr. "I don't want to take a nap" just fell asleep as I was writing this post ;)

What does your week in pictures look like?

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