Sunday, August 5, 2012

Addition Part 5

Almost there! This will be the last post before the final reveal! We started this addition at the beginning of the summer and will be wrapping it up before the end of summer! After all the electrical work was done, the installation went in.
Then it was time to remove the window from the bathroom to frame in that wall and the slider to open the room up to the rest of the house!
We had someone come in to do the sheet rock so that it would be done fast. With the kids we knew it would be hard to try and keep them out. In a few days it was done!
So Friday afternoon Pete and I got right to work priming the room. I started with the roller but was not doing great so I ended up cutting in the room. Not bad except on the high spots...... I was quite nervous!
Since my Mom and Michael aren't so handy :), they offered to buy all the paint we needed for the room. So on Sunday, we headed over to Sherwin-Williams. Thanks so much!
Pete painting the door...
We've started getting ready to lay the floor. The next update will be when the room is done!
What do you think?

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  1. Looking fabulous...can't wait to the completion!!!