Sunday, July 8, 2012

Addition Part 4

Another update! Peter has been working hard, and thanks to some great friends, we are moving along great! If you are just tuning in,  you can catch up here, and here, oh, and here!

After the walls went up, Pete got right to work on the rafters. He spent a good chunk of Father's Day with my step-Dad cutting out the rafters. With the help of his Dad & Ben, they put them up the following evening. 
Our friend Nick was EXTREMELY helpful getting it finished!
The roof is on! I took the kids down to visit my sister while they roofed the back to be out of the way so there are no photos of that day, but thanks to Pete's Dad, My Dad,Steve Babineau, Ryan Sullivan, & Mike Matheson who all pitched in to help!
I got up on Sunday afternoon while Pete was finishing up to check it out!
We've even drank entertained in our new room, haha
Ben & Pete spent last Sunday & Thursday night getting all the windows & doors in.
It was really hot and were super excited for me to take their picture :)
Our friend Ryan, is starting the electrical work today. Thanks Ryan!
The installation will happen on Thursday and Pete will begin to hang the sheet rock this weekend. Not to much longer before we are really enjoying this room!


  1. Ben and Pete look SO excited you are taking their photo in 95 degree weather :) I would have done the same thing.