Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Addition Has Begun!!

We had a 5 year plan.Well year 5 has come and with a short sale next door and a foreclosure two doors down, we're stuck here for a while. It's a great neighborhood, we have fun neighbors and this house has the potential to be what we want! We always said since we've had the boys that we're one room short. SOOO, we decided to add a family room, turn our living room into a dining room, move the basement stairs and make the kitchen and dining room one big room with an island in the middle. Still with me? Pete got the call on Friday that our building permit was ready so we hit the ground running, enjoying our last meal on the deck Friday night :)
One last look at the deck. We're also changing the siding, can't wait for that, I have NEVER liked the color of our house!
Pete decided to get a head start Friday night.
Came home from a birthday party to see this on Saturday afternoon!
Peter was just dying to help!
bye bye deck!
Sunday morning Papa Rick came over to start digging! The boys loved it!
Peter was ready for day 2
It's coming along!
Jack acting like Papa in the sandbox ;)
Where did my back yard go?
Peter got to get in and help Papa dig!

The boys got to check it out when it was all finished! Fun for them!

This weekend the foundation is being poured, stay tuned!!!


  1. I have been waiting for this post since I saw the picture on Facebook on Sunday!! I can't wait to see it's progress and finally the completion!!! :)