Wednesday, May 2, 2012

25 Things You Might Not Know About Me!

I was reading A Design So Vast last week and she had a question and answer post. Lindsey is also the one who inspired me to do the Alphabet of Right Now (I'll have to do that again this summer). Her recent post reminded me about the 25 things you don't know about me section in US Weekly so I thought, why not bring it to the blogging world! It's fun to connect with others this way! Let's see how far this can go!

Rules: Once tagged, write 25 random things about yourself
           Tag the person who tagged you and 5 new people (let them know you!)
           then click post.

1. I am super competitive, I can't play a pick up game of anything!
2. I liked high school and LOVED college!! NEC was the best time of my life! Go MFG"s!!
3. I bite my fingernails :(
4. I always dream about living somewhere else, but know I will never live anywhere else but Maine.
5. I LOVE to sing, I just can't carry a tune.
6. I could eat pasta every night of the week.
7. Wikipedia is my source for everything.
8. I want to spend a summer driving across the country in an RV.
9. Camping is my favorite but I am not really into nature.
10. I always tear up at the end of Toy Story 3.
11. Two of my favorite things in life are laughing and dancing!
12. I heart white wine!!
13. Two boys is exactly what I wanted! Can you imagine me with a daughter??
14. I have never had a cavity or broken a bone! (knock on wood)
15. I am addicted to reality tv and celebrity news magazines.
16. I said I would never live in Westbrook again and that's where we bought our house.
17. My parents divorced 20 years ago and it still effects me.
18. I LOVE being married! I can't imagine my life without my husband!!
19. My dream job is to be a librarian..... I know I'm a geek!
20. I hate going to the gym or exercise of any kind but want to lose 10 pounds!
21. I love fall days and summer nights!!
22. I'm addicted to the Real Housewives series.....and now the spinoffs.
23. I get to laugh, sing, dance and play everyday. I'm so glad I opened the daycare :)
24. Summer is my favorite time.... my birthday, BBQ's & beer!!!  
25. I feel so blessed in my life that sometimes it scares me!!

You've been tagged, these ladies know, so stay tuned for there 25 list!
Mindi from Simply Stavish
Bethany from Siemen Says
Michelle from Living Our Dream
Darcie from Carhartts and Coachbags
Lindsay from The Lohrey's

I picked these five women because I really enjoy their blogs! Strong, fun women :)


  1. Love this! I have an endless appetite for lists like this and love learning new things about you. xoxo

  2. I love it. Andddd... I can totally picture you with a daughter! But your boys are perfect, so I'm glad you had 2 sons as well.

  3. I'll share my librarian job with you anytime! Such a blast! Maybe the next time you are on the Cape??? AND you can sing and dance during story time, too! Maybe you could add in some of YOUR favorites!?