Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yarmouth Clam Festival

I went to my first Yarmouth Clam Fesitival only a few years ago, but I had never been to the parade. What a great parade! We all had a blast, I've never seen Jack sit so long, haha!

We got there early to get good seats and got some ice cream as a treat :)

The theme of the parade was Favorite Children's Book, great idea!
Peter got to give Slugger a high 5!
They had so many old trucks!

Jack absoluely loved the parade! If someone waved to us, he waved to them :)
Here come the Kora Shriners! They had three different groups....the boys loved them all!
The Brown Family met us there and watched the parade with us :)

Jack loving every minute!

One of the last trucks to come at the end of the parade got Peter super happy........
........ a monster truck!!!!!!!

Can't wait for next year!!!

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