Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday iPhoto Dump!

If you are my facebook friend, some you might have seen but since I want these to go in my blog book, you'll see them here as well :) Week in review thanks to my iphone....
1. On Saturday, we headed up to Freeport to spend the morning and enjoyed a food festival LL Bean was having. There was some great food! I tried Lobster risotto from Grill 233 and like it!

2. Jack tried and ate a lobster roll at the food festival! That was Pete's favorite tent! Peter didn't want to try one, I guess he is like his Mom, LOL!
3. Sunday night on my birthday, Pete and I had a wonderful night in Portland. We went to dinner, then met Cynthia & Katelyn for a few drinks. It was fun and just what I wanted.
4. I had Monday off, it's a holiday for Feels Like Home Daycare ;) Before we headed off to enjoy the day at Funtown/Splashtown, Bethany took me to Bintliff's for breakfast to celebrate my birthday. It was so good!
5. This has been the view from our bathroom since Tuesday. So much for privacy! In order to get it ready for the sheetrock, we had to do this for a couple days. See those wires? That's where our TV will hang in the new room.
6. This blurry picture Peter took while Kristen and I were planning the days activities on Tuesday! I like to include his pictures when he takes them. 
7. I decided to take the boys to Beech Ridge last night. Pete had to take the slider out and get that section from the kitchen into the new room framed and ready and I knew it would be hard with the kids around. In my head, I thought it would be easy to take them. It was a little interesting with Jack after 20 minutes, but we had fun and that's all that matters!
8. I've been waiting to post today so I could have this!! They sheetrocked this moring! What do you think? This is the view from the kitchen! We decided to have someone come in and do this part so that it could get done in just a couple of days. With it now opened into the house, the faster this part is done, the better! It's really looking like a room now, woo hoo!!!


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