Saturday, July 14, 2012


We had so much fun last week when we went to Funtown/Splashtown with my sisters and parents last week! Pete and I first took Peter in 2010, and both boys last year on our vacation. We have plans to go again during our vacation in August and Monday for my birthday!

I had orginally planned to work last Thursday but with some kids out on vacation and a few switching days, I ended up having the day off! I was pretty pumped when I realized I would be able to take the boys with the group. We were there at 10am when they opened! I forgot my camera, thank God I now have an iPhone, I took lots of pics :)

First ride, the Antique Cars! Peter drove us!
Riding the Ferris Wheel.....
I wasn't sure how Jack would like the swings...ha, they were his favorite ride!
Peter and Jack riding the cars!
On the Frog Hopper, I think it was Peter's favorite ride!

Jack & I enjoying a ride on the Barney Roadsters.
Because we went as a group, us adults were able to go on a couple rides!
Nicole and I loved the Excalibar Rollercoaster!
I left at mid-afternoon to meet my in-laws because Peter was going up to camp with them all by himself! Since we were having such a great day, Jack and I went back! We spent the afternoon enjoying ourselves in Splashtown! He loved watching Lola on the slides!
One last ride on the swings before we leave :) Can't wait to take them back!


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  1. So glad to hear that your family had a wonderful day at Funtown Splashtown USA.

    Ed Hodgdon
    Group Sales and Marketing
    Funtown Splashtown USA