Thursday, June 7, 2012

Addition Part 2

We're busy building over here! The next step in our process has been the foundation.
You can imagine how excited all the kids were when they say the Concrete truck pull up!
Love the pictures of the kids watching! So cute, they loved it!
smoothing it out!
It all went well until it was time to go and the truck ripped off the phone wire and half of a shutter! Fairpoint came out and it was fixed that day! Good thing we're siding the house and getting new shutters!
The next day the came back to do the walls.
The younger kids were even enjoying the entertainment :)
Pouring away!
The walls are done! More storage space for me!!
Pete backfilling so they can pour the slab.
Maybe I should turn this into a giant play area, LOL!
With all the rain coming, Pete went out and got a tarp so it didn't turn into a pool.
We still got water.....
We've been on hold for a few days due to the weather but, we've started back up today!
Do you think we have enough tractors??? The boys are loving it! Thanks so much to my Dad for all his help with the earth work!
They are pouring the slab on Saturday, then the framing begins! Stay tuned!!


  1. Love the picture of all of the little ones :)

  2. The addition is coming along great, you're going to appreciate the extra seeing the kids enjoying the show. Free entertainment (not for Pete & you) LOL! Happy my brother can help you out, but in truth, he's enjoying it as much as the kids are!!!