Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday iPhone Photo Dump!

Happy Friday!
1. I had seafood for the first time on Tuesday night! Yes, I live in Maine and have never had seafood. Growing up I was a picky eater and was terrified to try another out of the ocean. Oh, and neither of my Boston bred parents ate seafood so by the time I was 10 and my step-parents came along(both grew up in Maine) they could not convince me to try it! Lobster is Pete's favorite food and he loves seafood but when one of my daycare Dad's brought over a fresh piece of Halibut I knew I just had to be a big girl! I tried it and liked it! Pete is still shocked I ate it :)
2. Hi, my name is Peter. This photo never gets old for me. They usually are all annoyed when I try to take a pic of all four of them, but some day, they will thank me :)
3. This reminds me so much of when I was a little girl. Last weekend when I was down visiting my friend Cristina, we got on 95 at this exit on our way to meet my sister, the boys and my Mom. This reminds me of all the times we use to go down to visit my family. Instant Memories.
5. LOVE this pic of Peter and his friend Ruby! So much laughter from them while playing with the bouncy house. They loved when I turned it off and it would start to lose air, they were so funny!
6. Lola and Jack at Bertucci's when we were down visiting.
7. My wild man, Jack. Enough said :)

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