Friday, June 1, 2012

I've Become One Of Them :)

I FINALLY joined the cool club! I've got myself an iphone!!! I held off for so long but now I'm thinking...why the hell did I??? Well I know why, I just didn't want to pay a data plan. Seriously for the camera alone, I am addicted!! I love being able to take so many pictures! My daycare parents love getting the photos also, it's so much easier to send them! Those of you close to me know how I always lose my phone, oops :) Another reason I was nervous to spend some cash on a phone. So you won't be shocked to find out that I already lost my iphone!! On Sunday, while outside, I placed my phone on the hood of Pete's truck. He then ran to Dunkin Donuts and I didn't think much of it until we were leaving to go to Day of Destruction. F*%K!!!!!!! I drove to look for it, Pete drove to look for it and it was gone. Well, that lasted almost two weeks. There was nothing I could do so off to the races we went. I called my mom to tell her and she if she could track it and while I was talking to her she says "wait, your phone is calling me!" It was someone who lived on my street and found my phone!! Why didn't they call Pete's phone? Probably because I have him listed as Baby Daddy, LOL! I was so relieved, thank you good Samaritan! I even offered him cash as a thank you but he didn't want it. It survived falling off of Pete's truck(thank you Otterbox!!) So I will pay a little more attention to my phone and all it's wonderful features!!!
 Then there is instagram, ahhh.....LOVE! Follow me, I'm murphmommy! Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and Two Journeys: One Life have this weekly iphone photo dump, what a great way to show some pictures. Starting today, I'll be doing a Friday dump also! Here is my first week(with a few weeks to catch up)!

                        1. Puddle fun for Jack                  2. Not related but they sure look it :)

3. Peter starting big bat baseball            4. All the daycare kids watching construction

5. Helping Daddy get supplies at Home Depot      6. Driving Daddy's truck

7. Conor Robert Sullivan entered the world! 8. Boys being boys, Peter & Gideon

9. Either I need to braid it into a rat tail, or Jack is ready for his 1st haircut!!


  1. Love you Blogs and photo postings, it ALWAYS makes me Smile! Your boys and the daycare kids are just the cutest ever, Thank You and please keep sharing <3

  2. Have you gotten the blog app? Super easy for quick little posts with some phone pics. It's called BlogPress. Highly recommend!