Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday iPhone Dump!

It's Friday!!Our week in review via my iphone. Love this post!
1. We cut the scapes off our garlic! Yum! PS. I want the cooler behind them. It's my friend Bethany's!
2. This is what my driveway has looked like for the last 2 weeks, the roof shingles will arrive today then after this weekend, we'll have our driveway back :)
3. I found a new wine! Mommy Juice. So I bought a case for me and my friends :)

4. On Thursday I took the daycare for a field trip to Maine Wildlife Park. We had a great time!
5. Peter like to ask to look at pictures of my phone. He has now figured out how to take photos. I get many like this. His favorite monster truck... Grave Digger ;)
6. While Pete has been working every night on the addition who do think has been keeping this household running smoothly, LOL! Peter took this photo of me mowing the lawn.
7. Our redneck patio :) Since our deck furniture is behind a big dirt pile and we wanted to enjoy dinner outside with our friends last night, we created this......and we have a wonderful time :)

What does your week look like?


  1. Looks like an AWESOME week!!

    I was going to ask where you got that gorgeous bag "cooler" until I read on... haha!!

  2. Hi I'm stopping by from Sits to check out your blog. Looks good. Have a great day!