Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday iphoto Dump!

It's Friday!!! I'm ready for the weekend, are you?! I'm excited to do this post again, you should do it also!! Here is my week in review via my iphone....

1. Peter wearing Grampy's old fire helmet.
2. 1am last Saturday night and I am wearing my rain boots. In my basement. Yes, we got water and spent about an hour bailing it out and draining it. Good times.

3. Look what came in the mail this week. My 2010 blog book. I know, I'm behind a bit! I have ordered 2011 and it's on it's way.
4. This is I how I exercise.
5.Love these kids :) They love each other :)
6. This was a yummy cocktail to go with a great meal(I'll be posting about it this week).

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