Sunday, June 3, 2012

Westbrook Together Days

Last year, it was beautiful out and we had a big crew with us.  Yesterday it was rainy out, misting when the parade started. This was the year of the diehards :)
Waiting for the parade to start!

Here comes the start of the parade......
The last year the Prides Corner School panda will be in the parade :(
One of the Little League teams making the best of it!

Peter loved that Beech Ridge was in the parade!
Not sure who was more excited for candy??!!!
Our loot :)
After the parade we headed down to the park. The best thing about the rain??
We got to have some food, visit the Oakhurst photo booth and listen to some great music!
Our pics from the Oakhurst photo booth!
How do we look?
We then met Rick Charette and watch his band, The Bubble Gum Band before heading home!
Another great year at Westbrook Together Days!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Such fantastic memories this post brought back. Glad to see that this is going strong. I can remember marching in the parade. It was either really hot or freezing cold. I can't believe Rick Charette is still performing. So cool!!