Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 4th!

It was a beautiful day and we spent it on the lake at Nonni & Poppi's!

We started off the morning with special treat of jello, yogurt & blueberries! I had made them for the daycare kids the day before and the boys loved them, so I surprised them with them for breakfast!

Ready to celebrate!
As soon as we got there, the boys wanted in the water! A boat ride with their cousins.

Pete thought to start with the slide!
Peter loves swimming on his own now!
Auntie & Allie
Lobsters for lunch....I had steak :)
Jack , Peter, Dylan & Lola having fun!
Off for a ride on the pontoon!

Sleepy boys, they both fell asleep on the boat ride!
Sprinklers to end a fantastic 4th!

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