Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cinderblock Gardening

Every year we want to plant a garden, and every year we find ourselves distracted by a project. Last fall we planted garlic but that was all we had done, but I still wanted to plant stuff.  I remember seeing on Pinterest someone who put a plant in a cinderblock and thought that was a neat idea! On Father's Day I went down to Home Depot and picked up a few cinderblocks to put on the top of our retaining wall.
I bought 8 cucumber plants.
 Starting to dig....
All my cinderblocks lined up!
My garden assistant Jack :)
We filled them each section with garden soil then planted the cucumbers.
 All planted, let's see how they grow!
4 weeks from planting and the cucumber plants are growing great!
Since my cucumbers were doing so well I decided I wanted to try something else. I went to the Farmer Market and bought some lettuce to plant, hoping it's grows just as well!
Anyone have some gardening tips they want to share?!

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  1. That is a great idea for cucumbers to plant them up high since they like to climb, now they can climb down the wall :) Also, if you buy romaine hearts or celery you can plant them and they will re-grow. Mine have been in there for 3 weeks and probably in another 3 they will be ready to start picking!