Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I got The Alphabet of Right Now from Lindsey ,and I read this alphabet on her blog last week. Of course, I had to play along! I hope you do as well....

A: Attached or single?  Attached.
B: Best friend?  Three, including the hubs.
C: Cake or pie?  Pie if I have to pick one. I'm not a big dessert person.
D: Day of choice? Saturday.
E: Essential item? sadly, my's my camera and my lifeline.
F: Favorite color?  Blue.
G: Gummy bears or worms?  Worms ;)
H: Hometown?  The brook.
I: Favorite indulgence? Hot bath, book and a glass of wine.
J: January or July?  July...duh, it's my birthday month!
K: Kids?  Two. 
L: Life isn’t complete without?  My family.
M: Marriage date? October 7, 2007.
N: Number of siblings? Two sisters.
O: Oranges or apples?  Oranges.
P: Phobias? Ants. They FREAK.ME OUT. They are small and they are everywhere.
Q: Quotes? Love all kind of quotes. My life quote..... You rest, you rust.
R: Reasons to smile? I smile a boys, summer, weekends, kids, simplicity.
S: Season of choice? Fall.
T: Tag 5 people. I like what Lindsey did so I will do the same: I hope some of you will share this alphabet, and link to it in the comments!
U: Unknown fact about me. This is tough, I already feel I'm an open book.
V: Vegetable? Corn on the cob & green beans.
W: Worst habit? Biting my nails. 
X: x-ray or ultrasound? Neither?! An x-ray would be I've probably broken something(which I never have). An ultrasound would most likely mean I was pregnant again. GULP!
Y: Your favorite food? Is wine a food? Then I will go with pasta...any kind. I could eat it
Z: Zodiac sign? Cancer.

I hope to see your alphabet soon!


  1. I love this! You've never broken something? Interesting. I have broken everything - literally 6 or 7 bones. And now Grace has too, at least one (collarbone) - we always talk about how it's us against the boys (Matt is like you, no broken bones). xox

  2. I love love love this, and love that I knew almost every answer. I'll be doing one soon:)