Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Perfect Necklace

This is my favorite necklace! I never take it off! When I was pregnant with Jack, I saw Pete's Aunt Jen (Yes, we have the same name, remember?) wearing a necklace with her girls names and birthstones. I loved it and asked where she got it. She told me that she was already ordering one for me with the boys names. I couldn't wait to get it!! She gave it to me the morning of Peter's birthday party and I haven't taken it off since!

My Mom saw the necklace and said she loved it. Since I can never figure out what to get her because she has everything, I immediately knew I would order her one. It's the perfect gift for any mother!! My Mother-in-law is getting one with the grandchildren's names on it Peter, Jack and Cameron. Kathleen of Dimick Designs makes them and they are really affordable! E-mail her at to order a necklace. Mention you saw it on the blog!

My Mom's necklace

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