Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi, My Name is.....

..... Jennifer Wescott. Yes, in this photo we are all named Jennifer Wescott. This was the last photo taken before Jenny got married and she is now Jennifer Wescott McInnis. Here's the story... Pete's parents had Jenny. A few years later, Pete's Uncle John marries Jen. Many years later I come along and marry Pete making three Jennifer Wescott's in the same family. We are known in the family as Jenny, Jen & Murph. It can be confusing! I lived at Pete's parents house for a year before we bought the house and after we were married sometimes I would still get mail their as Jennifer Wescott and Jenny would get mail their as Jennifer Wescott. Many years ago Jen went to deposit a check into her bank account and it got deposited into Jenny's account(I now use the same bank as well). Jen's daughter went to pick up photos one time and didn't check. She went home with my photos. Both Jen and I both have home daycares in Westbrook, we both get our prescriptions at CVS and we confuse a lot of people! I use to joke when I was pregnant with Jack, if it was a girl we were going to name her Jennifer! Some people actually thought I was serious!

... my name is Peter Wescott. Yes, every person in this photo is named Peter Wescott! I think it is so amazing that there are 4 generations living with the name.I always try and get a picture when the 4 are together and I think all 4 get annoyed when I make them pose, haha. I love the thought of carrying on family names so,I knew as soon as we found out that Peter was a boy that I wanted to carry on the tradition. I though it was such a gift to be able to do that for my son. I love the history behind his name and I think very highly of the three that came before him. So far I haven't had to deal with much confusion with the two living at my house, though sometimes when I yell for a Peter, they both come, LOL!

Usually I would say only in Maine, but in this case should I say.... only in the Wescott family????

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