Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kansas Trip!

33. Visit a state I've never been to.
Since Abby, Jared and Stella will be residents of Maine as of next week, I decided it was really time to do this post! I blogged back when I was there about our first few days and never did the follow up post. It's time....
Being the photography assistant to Bethany, haha. Helping with the lighting!
The reason we meet Bethany's adorable niece Stella.
Downtown Great Bend.
Peter waiting for me to return.
Bethany, Abby & I enjoying pedicures!
I loved this porch swing at their house. This is what I did most of my time....relaxed!!! It was so wonderful. I got to catch up on a lot of reading.
Bethany & Stella :)
Janie & Jim, Jared's parents took me to Cheyenne Bottoms to check it out.
Hanging with my pal Gir.
Day drinking was a common theme for us on our trip, haha.
Yoder, Kansas. An amish village halfway between Great Bend and Wichita. We stopped on the way to the airport to check it out.
It was a relaxing, fun trip!
with my pal Gir.
Downtown Great Bend.
Saw this deer at Cheyenne Bottoms and of course thought of my boys!

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