Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jack's Hospital Visit

Never a dull moment for us turned into one of the scariest time I've ever had in my life! A few weeks ago on a Friday morning, Jack woke up gasping for air! I immediately called Pete home from work and we rushed Jack to the ER. They don't mess around when you bring in a 2 year old with difficulty breathing! We went into the critical care section and after an x-ray, 3 nebulizer treatments and a dose of steroids, they had us stay overnight for observation.
Resting while we wait in the ER.
Only bright point for him that morning was when he discovered the ambulances right outside his window! 
When we got transferred up to the Barbara Bush children's wing, he asked to call Peter :)
Kristen and the kids made an adorable card for him that day, it was so sweet!
Nonni came to visit and bring some treats.
A board in his hospital room so the nurses could know him better :)

Having dinner with Daddy.
A full room of visitors!
A beautiful view at sunset.
Katelyn & Jack strolling the hospital halls.
Peter and Jack enjoying the tool bench they brought in for him to play with.
Having some water before bed.
Resting in the hospital bed.
A little coloring before we leave :)
Once he got discharged, he spent the next couple days relaxing at home, which if you know Jack, was not an easy thing to do, haha! A scary time but lucky it all turned out OK!!


  1. I know it's been a bit now, but still *hugs* for going through that. They are amazing up there, but hopefully that will be your last visit to the Children's Center!

  2. I can't imagine how strong you were, going through all this. You must have been so scared. It looks like he was in the best of hands.