Friday, October 25, 2013

iPhoto Friday!

It's been forever! Since that Friday that Jack went into the hospital, I haven't made a Friday post! I had it ready to go last week but forgot to hit publish! It's been such a crazy two months around here but things seem to be settling down and it's nice to be getting back in the routine! We had a great time with friends tonight starting with Halloween on Main St. and ending with pizza at our place :)

  1. We took the boys to Open Gym at Maine Academy last Friday, they love when we go!
2. Peter jumping!
3. Love this pic of Jack and Palmer that Kristen captured on one of our walks this week!
4. Loving fall and am sad that I am seeing signs of it ending.
5. We had a fun night over at our friends, The Walters house! LOL, this is towards the end of the night :)
6. Date night for Peter with his Aunt's❤ He went with his Aunt's to the Congin Book Fair and asked to wear a "straight thing". Glad I figured out he meant a tie :)
7. Jack wasn't lonely since Sara came to visit!
8. Was very excited to go to Halloween on main St. tonight, haha.
9. Peter trick or treating!
10. How cute is Peter and his buddy Landon :)
11. With my boys❤

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