Saturday, November 2, 2013

iPhone Friday

Still recovering from the craziness of Halloween week!
1. On Sunday before Peter's last soccer session, Adam & Emma came over to play and have lunch.
2. Peter and his friend Maddie in goal at soccer. This year was very successful!
3. Dressed as a Fireman for his school Halloween parade.
4. I got this from Katelyn this week and I love it! Peter with his aunts on his date night :)
5. Jack and his daycare buddy Colin painting pumpkins. 
6. Wednesday night Katelyn & I had a Halloween movie night! The Craft and The Goonies! New annual tradition :)
7. I dressed as Jessie when Kristen and I took the kids trick or treating during the day!
8. Halloween night all dressed up! I was a fire chief with my fire fighters!
9. Best shot we could get on a rainy Halloween night. The boys outfits made it impossible to get a shot without their reflective gear showing up!

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  1. Pete was right- that photo is not Maine Moments quality! ;)