Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Momma Time in Kansas

Hello from Great Bend, Kansas!! Bethany and I came here to visit her sister, her husband Jared and to meet her adorable niece Stella!! In the time I have been here I have read 4 books, watched 3 seasons of The Office, had some happy hours and relaxed, relaxed, relaxed!! I am leaving this morning refreshed and ready to see my 3 guys!! I'll post more about our trip when we get home.

We took the train down to Boston on Friday afternoon, checked into the Long Wharf Marriott and went over the Boston Marathon memorial, very moving.
We then headed over to the Prudential to enjoy some cocktails at The Top of the Hub! Then we meet up with my friend Cristina and her friend Jess for a fun night on the town.
A beautiful view of the city I love.
My first look at Kansas!
We starting talking to them while waiting in Chicago for our flight to Wichita without knowing who they were. They were the nicest group of people, I was talking to them about how  nervous I was flying. We found out they were a family music group, then we found out they were The Henningsens. A country music group who's song, American Beautiful, just cracked the top 20 list! They are going on tour with Brad Paisley this month.
My first trip to Sonic.
Meanwhile.......back at home, the boys have been having a great time! They got to have sleep overs at Grammy & Grampy's and Nonni's. They went out to dinner with Ben & Mackenna, & had a great day with Kristen!
On Monday, Pete took the boys to the Maine Wildlife Park.
Thank God I've got to Face time with them a couple times a day!!!
Last night Pete took them up to spend the night at Nonni's.

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