Friday, May 31, 2013

iPhoto Friday!

Two Fridays in a row and I have this post up early...we'll it's only Friday afternoon :) This week I have a bunch of pics from our fun long weekend!
1. Friday night we went up to have dinner with Papa & Mame.
2. Rain continued on Saturday, so Grammie & I took the boys to see The Croods. Peter is excited for Monsters University to come to theatres!
3. While Pete was enduring rain and dinner up in the Allagash, the boys and I went to the Olive Garden.
4. Jack ready to head up to Nonni's on Sunday!
6. The rain let up for a bit and we headed to Freeport with Nonni, Poppi & my Aunt Patty.
7. We headed to Cyn & Katelyn's for a BBQ after our shopping excursion.
8. Pete had enough rain so came home early. Monday he put a new swing up for the boys.
9. We ended Memorial Day weekend with a cocktail hour hours over at the Brewer's!
10. Peter have a small fever, so he stayed upstairs and talked to his friends down in daycare by walkie talkie, haha!
11. I spent Wednesday evening at a training. I always have a good time with other providers!

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