Sunday, May 12, 2013

Our Bed Frame

7 years ago, I saw this bed in the IKEA catalog and told Pete that I wanted to buy it. We were renting our first home together in Falmouth. "Hun, I can build if a bed if you want, it would be much more quality then this!" I was so excited! He went out and got the wood and made the bed frame. "All I need to do is put poly on it."..........7 years ago.

 It sat in our garage on Roberts street for a year. Then it was placed in Pam & Joe's garage for the year when we lived with them. This is where the bed frame has sat for the last 5 years........our garage.
So one evening in bed  a few weeks back when yet another comforter was ripped from our bed frame, I got a "little" iterated and mentioned I was going to buy a new frame in the morning. "Why don't I finish the one in the garage?"  he said. "Oh, you mean the one I've been asking about for the last 7 years?! Great idea, I'll belive when I see it!" Well he got to work! Sanding it down.
Adding poly to it.
Yesterday, since he today is spending the day working, he set it up for me so I could have it on Mother's Day. It was all I wanted!
The headboard.
This is the before picture with Jack modeling.
This is the after. My "it took 7 years, made with love, I nagged him quite a bit" bed frame.   I absolutely love it!! Thanks hun. Now onto matching nightstands.... I think I'll just take a trip to the Mill Store for those, hahaha.

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