Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday iPhoto!

Hello Friday!! I am still working on two posts that I am behind on, it's been such a busy week!
1. I LOVE fall. On a sunny day, I love sitting here at the table with the warmth of the sun streaming in.
2. Tuesday was my Mom's birthday. She helps so much with the daycare, we sent her a video of the kids singing happy birthday to her :)
3. The boys relaxing
4. This is how he feel asleep on Wednesday afternoon :)
5. The boys got a hold of my phone the other night and I had about 25 pics of them :)
6. Playing Peek a Boo! Last night, Bethany and I enjoyed some girl time & dinner at Frog and Turtle while the boys and kids had some fun together. We came back home to join in the fun :)

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