Sunday, October 14, 2012

Anniversary Pub Crawl

Last weekend, Pete and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. We talked about taking the kids away for a weekend in North Conway, but since we're going to Florida in a month we decided to wait. We didn't want to just go out to dinner, so Pete thought of the fun idea of a pub crawl in the Old Port. Our babysitter fell through so my amazing sister Laura drove up to watch the boys for us!Thanks again Laura. Our limo driver, Cynthia, picked us at 5 to drive us in.... I didn't say this was going to be a wild pub crawl, hahaha!
Cheers to 5 years of marriage! Starting off at Binga's.......

After a stop at the Grill Room we made our way to Pat's Pizza.
While who walked in while we were enjoying our time at Pat's Pizza?? Our neighbors Kelli & Brandon! They were out for dinner and joined us for the remainder of our pub crawl :)
Enjoying a drink at Bull Feeney's. We finished our night at Gritty's with Kelli, Brandon, Cynthia, Katelyn, Mic(Katelyn's sister) and her boyfriend Brayden. We then headed home to enjoy some beverages with Laura!

While we were out having fun, the boys were having a blast with Laura & Lola!

I received this pic with the caption, chocolate wasted, hahaha!


  1. Happy anniversary! I love seeing pictures of both Murphy girls that we know and love!! xoxo

  2. Happy anniversary!!! What a fun, fun way to celebrate!