Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anniversary Family Photo Shoot

5 years ago we took our wedding photos at Deering Oaks............
So what better place to take our family photos 5 years later!

We had it scheduled for almost a month ago but with the weather and our busy schedules we just couldn't figure out a time until this past weekend. Considering Peter hadn't napped, Jack never stops moving and Pete was not impressed the photo shoot was at the same time the Patriot's kicked off I think Bethany did an amazing job! For more information on Bethany click here! Here are some of our photos.......

Jack went on a snack break....he's a union member :)

All because two people fell in love.......


  1. What a great idea for a photo shoot! Now I wish we had done that for our 5th :(

  2. Jenn, these pictures are beautiful!! You guys should be in a magazine!!