Friday, April 1, 2011


Seriously... this is my backyard today. Yesterday, kids were playing on those toys. In fact, it was so nice out on Wednesday & Thursday that the daycare kids went out in the morning and afternoon! Now we are covered in snow again. What a cruel April Fool's Joke!! It got me thinking about summer and how I can't wait for it! I have decided that this is a summer my family of four is going to enjoy and not say yes to everything. I want relaxing weekends! Here are some of things I am looking forward to......

.... eating dinner on the back deck every night
.... taking Peter to the playground
.... finding out if Nicole is having a boy or girl
.... going "upta" camp
.... taking our family vacation in August
.... spending time up at my Mom's on the lake
.... blueberry & strawberry picking
.... Cape Cod League Horseshoe Tournament(I'm reigning champ!!)
.... go to the beach as often as possible
.... taking the boys for a ride on the Swan Boats in Boston
.... cookouts with friends
.... making a trip to Dairy Queen after dinner just because
.... meeting Ben & Bethany's daughter
.... enjoy a cold beer on a hot day

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