Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gotta Love A Gator!

Months ago while shopping at Walmart, Peter wanted to go down the bike aisle. While strolling down the aisle he stopped in his tracks when he saw the John Deere gator powerwheel. He was in love! Pete and I looked at each other and knew it would be the perfect birthday gift! Since he has a ton of toys and clothes when people asked what he wanted/needed for his birthday we told them Walmart gift cards.

On Sunday morning we headed to Walmart to pick it up. He was so cute when he saw the box being loaded onto the truck. When we got home, he was ready to put it together!!

Trying to figure out how to sit without the seats, haha! Helping Daddy put together the tractor!

Pete liked the cup holders!

Delivering the groceries to the door for Mommy :)

A very happy boy!

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  1. I saw this the other day at Walmart in Windham! I'll have to show these photos to Ben later- he'll be in love with it. Love the last photo- its definitely framable.