Thursday, April 21, 2011

National High Five Day

Who knew?? I never heard about this until the fabulous world of facebook. So then I had to google it and there is even a website!!

Many of you,well anyone that was at our wedding, know that Pete and I have a high 5 history. At the end of our first date, Pete high fived me as I was getting out of the car. Yes, I was surprised by it also. I went into the house and told my sister how the date did not end with a kiss but a high five!  It was a running joke after that! So it was only appropriate that we high fived at our wedding after our first kiss. I really wish we had a photo of that moment, we don't even have a photo of our first kiss (I'm still sad about both).

At our reception, My sister Laura gave her maid of honor speech and it was all about when I walked in the house from our first date! I walked in the door, said I just got high fived, then told her that this relationship was going to go no where! I love this photo of us all laughing as she told this story. A high five can lead to a happy ending!

Happy National High Five Day!!!! A day after my own heart :)

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  1. I loved Laura's speech and what a great picture! You two certainly have an inspirational love story!