Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jack Photos

Last week I went to a baby shower for a friend who is expecting identical twin boys!!! She works with someone who is a photographer and while we were at the shower she took some photos of Jack. I love taking photos but unless I ask someone to take a picture of me, I never am in one. Jack being the second child, I probably don't take as many photos of him as I did of Peter as a newborn so it was nice that my friend e-mailed me these pictures this morning.

some photos of Jack....

Jack and I with the Mom to be, Melissa


  1. Beautiful boy, beautiful mom!!! Wonder if he will be a redhead too (have I mentioned that I'm jealous?)

  2. So glad that you were at the shower and my friend could get these great pics of you and Jack :)I cannot wait for playdates!!