Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day!

Buna woke up at 6:30 on Christmas morning with a very wet diaper and PJ's. So he opened his presents with no pajama's on! It was so fun watching him and seeing his reaction to his presents. It makes Christmas so fun, can't believe we'll have two of them next year!
Here he is reading one of his new books!

Opening his Cabela's adventure truck & trailer....he loves it!

After we opened gifts and had our cinnamon rolls that we have cooked every Christmas for breakfast since we have lived here, we headed over to the Wescott's. We do Christmas with my family the week before, it's so nice to not run around on Christmas Day!!! Joe's parents came over and we all opened presents and enjoyed the morning together. I got a new printer and a book I wanted, Pete got stuff to go with his new smoker and Buna got spoiled with lots of gifts! We then took him home to take a nap and Pete and I got to relax for a while.

All of us with Gram & Papa Wescott

Jenny, 24 weeks and I'm at 30 weeks!

After his nap, we went over to see Pam's side of the family, the Berniers. They live in our neighborhood so it took us all of one minute to drive from our house to theirs! Pam's brother Randy, who lives in NC and we haven't seen in over two years was there with his wife and son Seth. There were three boys under the age of 5 running all around. It was a great visit!

Peter with his 2nd cousins Adam & Seth, both 4...

Using the easel that his Aunt Jenny & Uncle Craig got him. This will be the last photo of him that you see a paci in his mouth. Today we say goodbye to them... wish us luck! We had a wonderful and enjoyable Christmas!! Hope you all had the same:)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!! Love you and Good Luck!!!

  2. Great pics.. Impressed with your number of blogging posts recently!