Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book Reviews

I love books, it's no secret! Since I was little, I read before bedtime. Now a days it is usually the only time I get a chance to read. BC (before children) I use to read a book a week. When I was nannying down in Cambridge I would read 2 - 3 books a week. The library is one of my closest friends, haha!! Since I read books so quickly I request them through the library and it saves me a lot of money. I use to have three big bookcases full of books but with a growing family, gave many away and am now down to only one. When I was pregnant with Peter, every week I bought a new book for him so that he would have his own little library. I continue to add to it for him and for "baby dos".

While reading another blog, I noticed that she did book reviews on the books she read. Why didn't I think of that!!! I loved the idea and will start doing it here. Stay tuned for my first one this week!!!

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