Monday, September 23, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

It's been a wild weekend but we survived it! I've been MIA on the blog but it was crazy last week. After Jack's overnight stay in the hospital and rain coming on Sunday we thought that we'd be resting easy Sunday, but since we had already gotten the NASCAR Race tickets and the rain had stopped, Peter and I jumped into the van last minute on Sunday to meet up with Nonni & Poppi in New Hampshire to watch it while Pete and Jack stayed home so Jack could rest and get better. Croup is no fun!! Fall is in the air and I love it! The Cumberland Fair is this week and I always go twice. Once as a family, then I bring the daycare. This is my favorite time of year! Some good comfort meals on the menu this week! Enjoy your week :)

Monday: Chicken & Rice Soup
Tuesday: Dinner @ The Cumberland Fair!
Wednesday: English Muffin Pizzas
Thursday: Texas Hash
Friday: Takeout :)


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