Friday, September 6, 2013

iPhone Friday!

Another busy week!! I hit the ground running at 6am and on a good day....slow down about 9pm! I just seem to not have enough time in the day!!!

1. I had SO MUCH FUN with my NEC peeps at Jamie's wedding. It was so great to spend time with everyone :)
2. Any time I can spend with this girl... I just love :)
3. After a few cocktails, Pete and I had some photo booth fun!
4. We ended back from NH Sunday to celebrate MacKenna's 2nd birthday!
5.We had plans to spend Labor Day at Funtown...but then it rained. So we had a fun day with Ben, Bethany, Mackenna, Kyle & Sara going out to breakfast, a stop at Cabela's and while the boys shot their bows and the kids napped, we got to enjoy a chick flick :)
6. One of our neighbors has an old 1950's car that we call Doc Hudson. He let Peter and some of the daycare kids check it out the other day!
7. It was pizza club night! The kids enjoyed a bike ride around the Varney's neighborhood after we ate.
8. Love this picture that Mara took of the kids!
9. It rained again on Thursday, so we had some fun with the parachute!

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