Friday, September 13, 2013

iPhoto Friday!

What a rainy week! Lots of pictures this Friday :)

1. Ethan came over to play with the boys on Saturday morning, he brought munchkins and these two quickly got to work :)
2. While the hubbys were hunting, Bethany and I had an unexpected, enjoyable afternoon with the kids in Boothbay Harbor :)
3. On Sunday, Peter started soccer. Opening day, he scored 4 goals!
5. On Monday, he started preschool! He was so excited to go!
6. Jack was very sad when we dropped him off at school but I managed to get a picture of them all smiles before we left.
7. Monday night while Daddy was hunting we enjoyed a Friendly's dinner with Nonni!
8. Ice cream for a great first day of school :)
9. When I got home, set up began for the daycare's grandparent luncheon. 22 grandparents and it was a wonderful!
10. Brotherly love, melts my heart :)
11. On Wednesday, September 11th, Pete and I went to see a documentary on Canter Fitzgerald's loss on 9/11. It was moving and the appropriate way to end the day.
12. Working together with the iPad.
13. Tonight Grammy joined us with  to watch the movie, Wings, and some silliness on the iPad.

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