Friday, April 26, 2013

iPhoto Friday

I am leaving for my trip this afternoon so I wanted to get this done before my day started. We have had a nice low key week despiste my nervousness I wrote about all week!
1. The boys got to go to the dump with Grampy on Saturday, clearly they were very excited!
2. Another Jack adventure! This time he took a baby powder bottle that was open and squeezed it in his face. We were laughing so hard. He was not.
3. Sunday we went to Waterville for Cameron's birthday.
4. Peter and I took the NEC team bus from Waterville to Westbrook on Sunday so we could spend time with Jill and Ada! It worked out great that they had a game two minutes from where we were!
5.We enjoyed dinner with the Varneys.
6. Both boys experienced their first skinned up knee of spring minutes apart.
7.Kelli and I enjoyed our first redneck patio this year on Wednesday!
8. Pete arrived home from work yesterday with a truck load of mulch. The boys were happy to "help" us out!

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